Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weeks Not Months!!!!!

If this adoption was a pregnancy we would be at that part where all you do is wait!! We are in the single digit weeks before we travel. That time that seems to zip by with lightening fast speed and at the very same time c r a w l s by so slow and all you can think is how bad you want to hold your girls!
All our paperwork is on the other side of the ocean!! You've no idea the relief it was to know it was there and in the right hands! I cried, and then cried some more! I remembered back to April when I got the list of papers to be filled out. I was totally overwhelmed. But we did it, one page at a time, some pages took longer than others! But we got them all done, Praise the Lord! Now we are officially "Submitted" to our girls country. We wait now to be given an appointment to go and get our babies!
We are anticipating an 8-10 week wait, so we are about 1.5 weeks into that! YIPPEE! Oh, sorry, just excitement bubbling up a bit there.
We've decided to take the next 7 weeks or so and just relax and enjoy ourselves and take long aimless drives in the country and go for walks along the pond and..............not! We have kicked into overdrive here, organizing and purging and redoing rooms and walls and vehicles. We are nesting so to speak!
There is a lot to do before we leave. Dane and I will be gone for about 5 weeks. Dane may do some flying back and forth and Ileigh will join me at the end to help bring the girls home. We are re-making one of the boys rooms into a little girls room and moving everyone around! I am so excited to get the girls things put together and in their room! It will be a pink paradise!! Elsah is thrilled to be the resident big sister and is planning on telling bedtime stories and singing songs until everyone is asleep! We have organized the "family closet" and added the little girl clothes to it, now there is as much pink as there is blue in there!!!!  We will start the room re-do next week! I'll put up some before and after pics when it's all done! Just writing all this is making me happy, we really are that close! There was more than once I thought we might not make it this far, the light is at the end of the tunnel.
We have had some wonderfully generous contributions, and have raised over $14,000!!! Can you believe it? A big thank you for what you all have done, donating and praying, we have moved mountains already! We need just over $10,000 to complete our journey. We have tried our hand at auctions and give-aways but haven't had any success with those yet. We need to raise at least $1000 a week in order to to meet needs. Would you join us in prayer, we are asking the Lord to give us direction in our fundraising efforts. And if you have any ideas that we could use we would love to hear them! If you don't have any fundraising ideas, but do have some extra cash laying around getting dusty...;) http://reecesrainbow.org/55889/sponsoranderson
Thank you,

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