Sunday, September 29, 2013

...and David Slew the Giant.....

We are Close...oh so Close!!!!  I can hardly catch my breath thinking how close we are to traveling to see our girlies! To holding them in our arms, to making them our daughters, aaahhhh!!!!!
Ok, now I'll pull myself together and continue.
I thought you might like to know just where the money goes, just exactly why we need all this cash. We are not "buying" a baby or two, we are adopting and adopting internationally is expensive. I've heard it put that the money is a ransom to bring our children out of a prison where death would be the only release. That may sound dramatic, but honestly it's not far from the truth.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask, we'll answer them as best we can.

$12,500 Facilitation Fee -
 This fee covers both girls and is paid to the team in country. They are called "hand holders" that is exactly what they are. They hold your hand and help you navigate the crazy world of adoption. To me it is a small price to pay to have experts there to help whenever you need them.

$2,500 Embassy Fees -
 This covers the all the necessary medical exams, passports and visas for both girls.

$5,000 Living Expenses -
 This is an estimate of our living expenses while in country. This will cover our apartment, our food and our transportation. We expect to be in country about 4-6 weeks.

$5,000 Flights -
We have an idea what flights will cost but until we actually buy the tickets, we can only go on an estimate. This is for ALL the flights, including getting the girls back home.

As you can see, that neatly adds up to $25,000! It may seem like a lot, but to two little girls, its a ransom of freedom! Freedom to grow and live, Freedom to be someone, to love and be loved Freedom to make their mark in this world, Freedom to not be a number, to not fade into to nothingness, Freedom from being hidden away, behind high walls, Freedom from being a sad statistic. These girls, and all orphans, deserve life! Wont you help give it to them, won't you pray for us as we travel, won't you be a part of our journey?

Thank you so much, we couldn't be stepping forth in faith like this if it weren't for your support, thank you for your prayers, we have broke down many mountains thus far, and know we will have victory!

(Hi Andrea;)

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