Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Waiting is hard for all of us, but waiting on everything to get into place so that two baby girls will join our family is especially hard.     Here are a few things that are happening while we wait.   Misty keeps a household of 11 people going, so she isn't really ever bored.   Dane stays busy traveling between New Mexico and Missouri for his job.  The kids are doing summer things and loving having a pond.  Rohan is our fisherman.  He would rather fish than eat  --  almost!  He doesn't keep them and some he has caught several times.    Elsah is pretty sure the "raccoons" are to blame for leaving her bicycle behind the van to get run over.  She had a long talk with her Dad and is sure they won't do it again, so he got her a new one.  Octavian didn't have a big boy bike, and since Dad was buying one, he might as well buy two!!     I've been busy making kid quilts.  Donagan, Aliviah and Octavian have new ones for their birthdays.   I also have finished two for the "new" babies and have knitted two blankets for them.  Keeps me out of trouble.     Jeannie

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