Thursday, May 30, 2013

I just wanted to thank my wonderful niece, Cindy, for doing a fundraising campaign.  She is taking orders and contacting people about ordering tote bags from "31".  Because Misty and I are both new to the area, we don't know many people.  It is hard to do some of the fundraising things that work in other areas when you don't have many people to contact.   Sooo.... if any of you out there would like to help with a fund raiser, we would truly appreciate it.  I am sure two baby girls in an orphanage in Eastern Europe would be eternally thankful.  Every little bit helps reach the financial requirement necessary to complete the adoptions.  Misty and Dane are anxious to bring the babies home as soon as possible, and have been working diligently to that end. 

On another note, we have celebrated three birthdays in the last two weeks.  Aliviah turned a year old last week, Kegan was 20 on Monday and Rohan was 11 on Tuesday.  Baby "Morgan" will join this group next year.  Ferran will be 7 on June 8th.  I guess it is easier having half your grandkid's birthdays all in a three week period, but it sure is a lot of birthday cake!

An update on Ferran's birth certificate:  Papers from the pediatrician's office in Farmington should arrive here next week.  They will be sent on to the State of New Mexico, and we pray they will then issue the birth certificate. 

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